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Development from start to finish.

Maschine Skizze


Regardless of whether it is an electrical or mechanical challenge. We are specialized in the fields of electrics, battery technology, mechanical engineering and hydraulics. We are at your disposal with know-how, from writing a specification sheet to risk analysis and production transition.


Engineering on up to date software

Whether a steel construction frame for an industrial plant or an IoT sensor housing. Based on fundamental experience in the field of hydraulics and battery technology paired with fast response times and short design cycles, we help our customers to implement projects as easily and efficiently as possible.

Charging the batteries of the elecric mo


We can work out the right storage solution for you on the basis of Li-Ion batteries. Whether tool battery or vehicle battery, attempts are primarily made to adapt armored systems. When it comes to new developments, the ultimate goal is always to develop a good product with high security and availability.

generativer Entwurf.JPG


With the help of computer-aided calculation models, we can design components lighter and more cost-efficient. Especially oriented towards the area of 3D printing, the generative design of components offers a great opportunity. Whether in-house with an FDM 3D printer or with partners in all possible printing technologies, we can quickly and easily design components and also sample them at short notice.

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